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Training by Analytics Experts

World-class training by Analytics Experts having a combined experience of 20+ years in Business Analytics, Data Mining and Business Intelligence.

Comprehensive Learning

Classroom training supplemented by highly interactive online learning content accessible 24*7 over cloud based learning management system

Live Case Studies

Entire Training will revolve around live business cases to facilitate hand-on-job experience in the Analytics industry

Placement Assistance

All the eligible students who pass our post training assessment will be provided placement support for Analytics related jobs

Industry Expert Support

All the student queries related to jobs and career building will be routed to industry veterans who will mentor students on a regular basis

Adaptive Learning

Based on the progress made in the training at each step, the learning path will differ for every individual and corresponding progress will be tracked real-time


Analytics is the use of modern data mining, pattern matching, data visualisation and predictive modelling tools to produce analyses and algorithms that help businesses make better decisions. The analytics industry is one of the fastest growing industryin modern times and poised to become a $50 billion market by 2017. In addition, as per IDC, Big Data &Business Analytics software worldwide revenues will grow from nearly $122B in 2015 to more than $187B in 2019. This sudden surge in the Analytics industry space has led to a phenomenal increase in the requirement for analytical skills across varied industry domains.

Although analytics has been around for a long while, it wasn’t until the last 5 to 10 years that its importance in the business field has been realised. It was in the last 10 years that technology has been revolutionised and we now produce about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This is more data than that was collected in the two previous years. What has also changed in the last decade is that we now have the means to sift through these 2.5 quintillion bytes of data in a reasonable amount of time. All these changes have major implications for organizations today.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal, companies, barraged with data from the Web and other sources, want employees who can both sift through the information and help solve business problems. As the use of analytics grows quickly, companies will need employees who understand the data. Given this sudden surge in the analytics industry there is a tremendous increase in the demand for analytics expertise across all domains, throughout all major organizations across the globe. The resultant shortage of digital & analytical skills in the current marketplace is unprecedented. It is estimated that over 4.4 million IT jobs will be created around Big Data by 2015; however, only a third of these new jobs will be filled. A May 2011 study from McKinsey & Co. found that by 2018, the U.S. will face a shortage of 1.5 million managers who can use data to shape business decisions.

This opens doors for Analytical professionals or people wishing to pursue a career in this space.

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Data AnalyticsCertification Course

Excel and Dashboarding


MS Access,SQL

Business Intelligence (Tableau)


Business Analytics using SAS


Upon successful completion of the program you will be eligible for the following Job Titles in the Analytics industry subject to previous experience and academic background/domain knowledge.

Job Title/Designation Skill Set
MIS Executive Excel, Dashboarding, VBA
Report Analyst Excel, Dashboarding, VBA, MS Access, MS SQL Server
Business Analyst Excel, Dashboarding, VBA, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Tableau
Data Scientist Excel, Dashboarding, VBA, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Tableau and Business Analytics using SAS
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with "Data Analyst" Certification from Skillup Training. Besides, post successful completion of specific business cases, we will assist you in getting employed with relevant companies by forwarding your CV and helping youduring interview preparation.
  • Why is the Skillup Data Analytics Certification Course the best course in India?

      Skillup Data Analytics Certification Course is well regarded for the following reasons: (1) the curriculum is designed by leading Industry experts, with experience of 20+ years in Business Analytics, Data Science, Management etc. (2) Comprehensive learning with 80+ hoursof instructor-led training sessions (3) Training through case studies for practical understanding of data analytics and business application (4) Career Counselling and guidance after the course.

  • What kind of practical experience I will get in this course?

      You will master all the latest concepts, techniques and tools in the world of data analytics through module wise exercises, tests and business relevant case studies.

  • What will happen if I miss any class session?

      We understand that you may miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, you can get in touch with the trainers and they can get you access to the recorded sessions and other relevant materials available on our learning management system.

  • Do you offer Placement Assistance?

      We offer career guidance and counselling to students on prospective careers in Data Analytics.

  • What kind of skills does one need to pursue a career in Data Analytics?

      Analytics has emerged as a catch-all term for a variety of different business intelligence (BI) - and application-related initiatives. For some, it is the process of analysing information from a particular domain, such as website analytics. For others, it is applying the breadth of BI capabilities to a specific content area (for example, sales, service, supply chain and so on). In particular, BI vendors use the “analytics” moniker to differentiate their products from the competition. Increasingly, “analytics” is used to describe statistical and mathematical data analysis that clusters, segments, scores and predicts what scenarios are most likely to happen. Whatever the use cases, “analytics” has moved deeper into the business vernacular. Analytics has garnered a burgeoning interest from business and IT professionals looking to exploit huge mounds of internally generated and externally available data.

      So essentially a person working in this field would be termed as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist. To become a successful data scientist one needs to possess the following skills:

      Technical Skills (illustrative not exhaustive)

    • Statistical methods and packages (e.g. SPSS)
    • R and/or SAS languages
    • Data warehousing and business intelligence platforms
    • SQL databases and database querying languages
    • Data mining
    • Data cleaning and munging
    • Data visualization and reporting techniques
    • Working knowledge of Hadoop & MapReduce
    • Machine learning techniques
    • Business Skills

    • Analytic ProblemSolving: Employing best practices to analyse large amounts of data while maintaining intense attention to detail.
    • Effective Communication: Using reports and presentations to explain complex technical ideas and methods to a layman audience.
    • Creative Thinking: Questioning established business practices and brainstorming new approaches to data analysis.
    • Industry Knowledge: Understanding what drives your chosen industry and how data can contribute to the success of a company/organization strategy
  • What kind of roles can one expect after completing the Data Analytics Certification Course?

      There are three types of roles possible post completing the Data Analytics Certification Course:

    • If you have a Data / Engineering background, you can become a Data Analyst.
    • If you have a Business/MBA background, you can become a Business Analyst
    • If you have a Statistics/Computer Science algorithms, you can become a Predictive Analytics professional
    • These roles are not exclusive to each other. One can transition from a Data Analyst to Business Analyst to Predictive Analytics professional.

  • I am neither an Engineer, nor very tech-knowledgeable. Will I be able to do this course?

      You don’t need to be tech knowledgeable. All you need is the right attitude, eagerness to learn, strong oral and written communication and logical/analytical thinking etc.

  • What type of salary is possible for a data analyst role post completion of this course?

      The average analytics salary in India for year ending 2015 was INR 9.5 Lacs across all experience level and skill sets.(Source: Analytics India Salary Study 2016 by Analytics India Magazine and ANALYTIX LABS)

      In 2016 as per the Big Data Salary Report 2016, the average data analytics professional isbeing paid a whopping Rs12.19 Lakhs per annum in Mumbai, followed by Bengaluru—Rs10.48 lakhs and Delhi—NCR—Rs10.4 lakhs.

  • What is the minimum eligibility to pursue this course?

      We require you to have completed graduation or to be pursuing a graduation degree.

Course Benefits

Did you know that experts estimate a shortfall of approximately 2,00,000 data analysts in India by 2018? The extremely competitive pay scales reflect this incongruity. In 2005 entry level salaries were around Rs. 2-4 lakhs per year, but today, pay scales have gone up phenomenally. Demand for big data and analytics professionals is rising because both domestic and international companies are relying upon India for the right talent.

Our experts at Skillup can help you specialize in various aspects of Data Analytics such as reporting, statistical modelling, tools like SAS etc. and can provide a stepping stone to your career. Your background in Science and Mathematics will help with logic, aptitude, quants and modelling skills.

If you’re not a pure-math person or an expert programmer, that’s all right. You can focus on a career in business analytics. Apart from the quantitative aspects, business analytics has a tremendous need for people who are inquisitive by nature, who are curious, and who have a talent for figuring out business problems and communicating with clients. If you can help a client understand the crux of a situation and then translate the analytical solution to into plain English, you’ll be a star.

The job market across India is seeing a 32.2% demand with people having Data Analytics qualifications over and above degrees in IT or business administration or even doctorates. This is six to eight times more than the demand for IT jobs that is 26.4% nationally.

Given this steep demand for analytics professionals, this is the ripe time for you as an IT professional to consider a career shift. You can move into pure play data analytics – reporting, model development, and predictive analytics; dabble in big data infrastructure/software and systems or alternatively move into Analytics Product Management. You can also apply the analytical skills in the space of operational excellence – such as Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma etc.

One needs to watch out for the following:

  • Your focus on the first few years will be as an Individual Contributor in your current role.
  • Analytics / Big data is a knowledge intensive domain. You can do well only if you gain knowledge on concepts and latest tools.
  • A lot of companies steer away from hiring people with experience, and instead hire fresh from the college. Be prepared for working and competing with millennials with not too much business/IT experience.
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